The Life Expectancy of Your Garage Door Opener

Garage Door ArlingtonHow many times a day do you raise and lower your garage door? In addition to going up and down when you take the car out, it’s also being put to work when the kids take their toys out to play, the family goes for a bike ride or the grass is being cut. Every time the opener is put to work, it wears a little more. Over time, it will simply stop working. It is an unfortunate result with all electronic components. When the repairs are going to cost more than a new system, it’s time to invest in a new unit. With average use, you can expect your system to last about ten years, but there ways to extend its life and get a little more use out of it for the money.

Listen to Your Unit for Sounds of Struggling

When you raise and lower the garage entry, you should take notice of sounds that indicate the opener is straining. The sounds you are listening for could be grinding, rattling or anything else that isn’t quite normal. It’s important that you call for repair as soon as possible, and try not to use it while you are waiting for the service team. Binding springs could be causing the problem, or the system could simply be wearing out. The longer you continue using it without service, the more harm you are doing to the mechanism.

The Springs do the Work

You might think that the opener is the one doing all the work, but it’s actually the springs that are raising and lowering your door. The opener gets it moving and controls the speed, but the springs are carrying the load. The entire system will work more efficiently if the door is properly balanced. When the balance is off in either direction, it won’t take long for the entire system to wear down and stop working all together.
If you notice that the door balance is off, you will have to call for repair. An easy way to check the balance is to disconnect the machine when the door is down. Just pull on the red cord connected to the trolley to disengage the garage door opener. Manually raise the door to the halfway point. If it stays in place, the balance is in good condition. If it falls back down, the tension is too high. If it pulls up, the tension is too loose. Adjusting the springs can be dangerous if you are not familiar with this type of work, but your local repair professionals at Garage Door Service Guys have the tools and necessary skills to correct this problem.

Keep it Lubricated to Extend Serviceable Life

Liftmaster OpenerExtend the life of your garage door and opening system by keeping everything properly lubricated. All moving parts should be lubricated using a quality silicone based lubricant. This reduces the stress on the hinges, rollers, pulleys and even the individual spring system. You can also use a chain or cable fluid instead of the silicone lubricant. If the system has a chain, then you should also treat the chain to a protective layer. Belts should not be lubricated, but should still coat the other moving parts.

With the right maintenance, you can extend the life of your opener and avoid the need to call for repair. These are easy ways to save money now and over the coming years. If you do have to call in professionals for repair, ask them to show you how to maintain the system moving forward. With a little care, you can enjoy using your system for the next ten years and even into the decade beyond.

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